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Hatta Mountain Tour and Kayaking Deals & Packages 2023

Exploring mountain terrains adjacent to deserts can never fail to surprise. We are talking about more than just an escape from the heat. Landscapes, adventure, shopping and a whole lot of culture! Come and be part of our Dubai Hatta Tour where we have specialized packages offering you the best deals.

Overview of Hatta Mountain Tour & Kayaking Package

The Hatta area is an off-beat destination accessible easily from Dubai and offers beautiful landscapes and views from the Hatta Mountains. Our package is comprehensive and lets you explore the Hatta region in all its glory. From water sports, shopping to stretching your feet in the valleys, spend a day getting to know this quaint Arab wonderland.


Our package includes the following:

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Hatta Mountain Tour

This mountain is part of the Al Hajar Mountains and is located near the high end. A getaway to the Hatta mountain is a trip that you will not be forgetting anytime soon. This tour begins with this spectacular mountain and takes you to a realm of culture, adventure and plenty of fun. Looking down at the desert from a mountain is an experience worth remembering.

Hatta Heritage Village

This heritage village is a perfect tribute to the mountain village that used to be here and this reconstruction lets you experience a time now stuck in tales. See what life was like for the people who used to live over here before modern civilization took over.

Family Morning desert Safari dubai
Family Morning desert Safari dubai
Kayaking and Water Sports in Hatta Dam

Why don’t you try enjoying the views of the beautiful Hatta region from the turquoise waters of the Hatta Dam? One of the most fun activities to do in Hatta is go kayaking in this beautiful dam. There are other fun water sports that you can try as well, suitable for adults and children.

Hatta Dam

Explore the waters and then hop onto the land to just see how wonderful the view is against the backdrop of the beautiful golden skies and tall mountains. You will get some good exercise in as well as you have to climb quite a bit to get to the top of the dam. But we promise you that the views are worth it.

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Hatta Hill Park

This is the perfect spot to take out that picnic basket and stretch your legs. Let your kids play around and enjoy the flowers and greenery all around them. It’s the perfect spot to unwind from a long week and take in a bit of culture, nature and outdoor time while you are at it.

Hatta Handicraft Market

You don’t have to worry about souvenir shopping from anywhere else. Take home with you pieces of culture from the Arab lands, as authentic as they get. Spices, carpets, perfumes and more- the Hatta Handicraft Market has so much to offer for those who love to shop.

Family Morning desert Safari dubai

Dubai Hatta Tour

  • Hatta Mountains Tour
  • Hatta Heritage Village
  • Kayak & Water Sports In Hatta Dam.
  • Hatta Dam.
  • Hatta Hill Park.
  • Hatta Handicraft Market.

Dubai Hatta Tour Schedule

  • Tour Duration: Full Day
  • Pickup Time: 07:00 AM ± 30 Minutes
  • Drop Back Time: 06:00 PM ± 30 Minutes

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