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Khorfakkan tour from Dubai Deals & Packages 2023

If you have already explored the Dubai desert or are looking for a relatively offbeat experience, the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari might be the best option for you! You don’t need to travel all the way to Dubai from the capital city to enjoy a memorable desert safari tour in the Arabian Sands. Abu Dhabi, with all its fun and glory, also offers exciting and adventurous desert tours.

Overview of Khorfakkan tour from Dubai

Since the sands and hues of the Abu Dhabi desert are best enjoyed in the evening hours, this is an evening desert safari, Abu Dhabi’s best one at that.

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Shees Park

This is a beautiful recreational park that was inaugurated in October 2020 and it is known for providing lush green landscapes amidst the vastness of the desert. It is located in the Hajar Mountains on the outskirts of Sharjah and features a spectacular waterfall cascading into a serene lake, stunning mountain walkways and so much more. Kids have a dedicated play area as well.

Al Rafisah Dam

This dam has been around since the 80s but has recently gathered plenty of tourist attraction due to the recent upgrades. It is very accessible and offers a spectacular experience for all your senses- go boating in a beautiful clear lake against the backdrop of the magnificent mountains amidst the azure reservoirs and beautiful waterfall.

Al Rafisah Dam
Al Shalal Waterfall
Al Shalal Waterfall

Take in the mind-blowing views of this manmade waterfall that adds to the wonders of Khor Fakkan. You can enjoy watching the majestic waters splash into the serene and beautiful lake and take beautiful photos to cherish as one of the best memories of your Khorfakkan tour.

Khor Fakkan Beach Walkthrough

Stretching widely over 3 km, this presents the splendor of the Arab east cost to you on a platter. You can admire the beach and splash around in the waters, take a long swim or just relax. The beach is one of the best parts of Korfakkan and you can always find something to do here.

Khor Fakkan Beach Walkthrough hotel-
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Shea Fortress

Situated pretty close to the Wadi Shea, this fortress dates back over 300 years but has been restored and this hidden gem has become a major tourist attraction in the past couple of years. Connect with history, nature and culture as you step into the beautiful Shea Fortress.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater

Celebrating everything that Roman architecture is renowned for, this amphitheater is spacious and spectacular. It has done an excellent job in preserving the local culture and can comfortably accommodate 3500 visitors at once. This is one spot you must not miss during your Khorfakkan tour.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater
Al Rabi Tower
Al Rabi Tower

This is dedicated to our cultural tourism enthusiasts who are passionate about learning a thing or two about how UAE was over a century ago. This tower was built in 1915 and if you are willing to trek up a hiking trial of just around 400m, you can marvel in the splendorous views of the mountains and landscapes around you.

Scrumptious Lunch

If you have any food restrictions or preferences, let us know because we wish to provide you a delicious lunch comprising many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to tango with your taste buds and let you enjoy delectable local and international cuisine. Dine by the waterfalls before you go about with the rest of the Khorfakkan tour. Lunch is included in the Gold Package onwards.

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Khorfakkan Tour From Dubai

  • Visit Shees Park:
  • Visit Al Rafisah Dam
  • Visit Al Shalal Waterfall
  • Explore Khorfakkan Beach Walkthrough
  • A Scrumptious Lunch
  • Visit to Shea Fortress
  • Visit Khorfakkan Amphitheatre
  • Explore Century-Old Al Rabi Tower

Khorfakkan Tour From Dubai Schedule

  • Pick-Up / Drop: 07:00 AM - 02:30 PM
  • Advance* At The Top Pick-Up / Drop: 08:00 AM* - 02:00 PM*
  • All Days Are Operational

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