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Dune Buggy Dubai in 2023

Self-drive dune buggy rides in Dubai have been the top tourist attractions in Arabian deserts. With our dune buggy Dubai rental services, you can unleash the monster inside you for the most adventurous experience of your life.

We provide the dune buggies specially maintained for most adventurous desert tours while keeping you completely safe. The strong and durable construction of the full-roll cages ensures the safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Adding to this, our dune buggies are completely automatic and also come with doors to maximize your safety. The buggies are fitted with all the advanced gear, and the riders will also be provided with safety equipment.

The majestic deserts of Arabia provide you one-of-a-kind experience of dune riding and bashing. Tearing through the dunes with the impressive horsepower of a dune buggy will provide you the most thrilling experience of your life.

Worried about not being an experienced driver? Well, who cares? There is a first time for everything, and what better place to try your driving skills. You have the emptiness of the desert and a powerful vehicle that is ideally maintained for safety. Unleash your fullest potential while remaining completely assured of your safety.

The deserts of Dubai are filled with many iconic places of the Arabian desert, and you get a chance to visit them all on your own. Take your family or friends for an action-packed experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Why Choose Us For Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai?

We are not just blabbering around. It’s our responsibility to host you in the best way we can. So, some of our premium Dune Buggy Tour services include:

  • Direct Booking

No 3rd parties or agents are involved in booking. You will directly contact us and will book a feasible package accordingly.

  • No Additional Charges

There are no additional charges included in our packages. Each package has a fixed rate and once you pay it, you won’t have to worry about it at all. You won’t be asked for any extra charges as long as you are enjoying the activities listed in the package you’ve selected.

  • Pickup From Hote/Home

Just tell us the address and we’ll send professional drivers in premium vehicles to pick you up right from your doorstep. The direct pickup service is not limited to a specific location only. We’ll pick you up, right when you book the package without any location dependency.

  • Our Dune Buggy Prices are Market Competitive

We can proudly state that each of our packages is feasible and better than other companies working in the same criteria. The good news is that we also offer extra bonuses and privileges in case you decide to consider more than two packages.

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