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Dubai Hatta Tour

Dubai is a city known for its opulence and extravagance, but it’s also a place where you can experience nature and adventure. One of the best ways to do that is by taking a Dubai Hatta Tour, which takes you to the mountainous region of Hatta, located about 100 kilometers east of Dubai. This tour is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some of the UAE’s most stunning natural scenery.

The Hatta Tour usually starts in the morning, with a pick-up from your hotel or designated meeting point. From there, you’ll head east towards the Hajar Mountains, which form a natural border between the UAE and Oman. The drive itself is an experience, as you’ll pass through vast expanses of desert and see the landscape change as you get closer to the mountains.

As you near Hatta, you’ll start to see signs of civilization again. Hatta is a historic town that dates back to the 16th century and is known for its agricultural heritage. The town has undergone significant development in recent years, but it still retains much of its traditional charm.

One of the first stops on the tour is usually Hatta Dam, a massive reservoir that provides water to the surrounding farms and communities. The dam is an impressive sight, with its turquoise water set against the backdrop of the rugged mountains. You can take a short walk around the dam to enjoy the views and take some photos.

After the dam, the tour takes you to Hatta Heritage Village, a living museum that showcases traditional Emirati life. Here, you can see old-style homes made of mud and stone, watch craftsmen at work, and learn about local customs and traditions. The village is a great place to get a sense of what life was like in this region before the advent of modernization.

From the village, the tour takes you to Hatta Hill Park, where you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The park is a popular spot for picnics and is equipped with BBQ facilities, so you can cook your lunch while enjoying the scenery. The park is also home to a playground and a mini-golf course, making it an excellent place to bring kids.

Another highlight of the Hatta Tour is the drive through the mountains themselves. The road winds through the rugged landscape, taking you past rocky cliffs and deep canyons. There are several lookout points where you can stop and take in the views, and the tour guide will share information about the geology and history of the area.

One of the most popular stops on the tour is the Hatta Rock Pools, a series of natural pools that are fed by a mountain stream. The pools are a great place to cool off on a hot day, and you can swim or wade in the crystal-clear water. There are also several small waterfalls in the area, which add to the beauty of the surroundings.

After the rock pools, the tour takes you to the Hatta Fort Hotel, where you’ll enjoy a buffet lunch. The hotel is set in a picturesque location, surrounded by mountains and greenery. The lunch includes a variety of international and local dishes, so you’re sure to find something you like.

After lunch, there’s usually some free time to explore the hotel grounds or relax by the pool. The hotel has a spa and wellness center, so you can book a treatment if you like. You can also take a walk around the property and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains.

The final stop on the tour is usually the Hatta Market, where you can buy local souvenirs and handicrafts. The market is a bustling place, with vendors selling everything from spices to textiles to pottery. It’s a great place to pick up some unique gifts to bring back.

In conclusion, the Dubai Hatta Tour is an excellent way to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the UAE. From the stunning Hajar Mountains to the traditional Hatta Heritage Village and the refreshing Hatta Rock Pools, the tour offers a wide range of experiences that will appeal to travelers of all ages and interests. The tour also includes a delicious buffet lunch at the scenic Hatta Fort Hotel and a visit to the bustling Hatta Market, where you can shop for souvenirs and handicrafts. Overall, the Dubai Hatta Tour is a must-do experience for anyone looking to escape the city and discover the hidden gems of the UAE.

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