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Things to Do & See in Khorfakkan Tour, UAE

Khorfakkan Tour is the latest attraction of our services. Khorfakkan is a major tourist attraction located on the east coast of the UAE along the Gulf of Oman. Sharjah government took the initiative to redevelop this unique part of the city and this city has grown popular in the last couple of years. The second largest town on the east coast after Fujairah, Khorfakkan means “Creek of Two Jaws”, is an enclave of Sharjah, tucked into the emirate of Fujairah. The Best time to visit Khorfakkan is from November to April. Because this period is probably sunny and beautiful during the whole day. The temperature will be very favorable during this season.

The Rocky Hajar Mountains are In the backdrop of the Khorfakkan Beach. Because of natural wear and tear, these rock formations look beautiful and rustic.

Things to do at Khorfakkan Beach

There are different activities to try at the Khorfakkan Beach. Many small islands in the region, make it ideal for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. Let’s see what are the best adventure activities that can do in Khorfakkan.

Boat Tour to Shark Island

While you are at Khorfakkan Beach Park, there is an option available which is a boat tour to Shark Island. Off the coast of the Khorfakkan public beach, this small rocky island is an underwater marvel for everyone who enjoys snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. Rest assured though, that you are always at a safe distance from the sharks. There have been zero shark attacks here. Small fish and sea turtles can come quite close when you snorkel here. This sandy island is also a perfect spot for a picnic. You can enjoy the best of Sharjah weather on this island, where there are plenty of things to do with kids and adults alike.

Wadi Shees

This is One of the most beautiful areas nestled between the Hajar mountains on the east coast of UAE. The beautiful Valley and the surrounding Hajar Mountain terrain is subsequently an area of natural richness. Wadi Shees Park features only the best facilities and is a treat, especially for nature lovers. It includes an Artificial waterfall, beautiful lakes, a Playing area, a BBQ area, Mountain walkways, Magnificent mountain views, an Outdoor theatre and Green walking paths. The outdoor theatre at Shees Park can accommodate 70 people at a time. If you’re a fan of the theatre, we’re sure you will love this one. Those looking to venture beyond the park can follow one of the tracks to Shees Valley for a scenic hiking trail. The path winds between the mountains and runs alongside a picturesque waterway, joining an old village and local farms.

Parasailing at Fujairah Khorfakkan Beach 

Parasailing is a really adrenaline-pumping activity. One of the most enjoyable things to do on Khorfakkan Beach is parasailing. Not many beaches have parasailing facilities. At Fujairah Khorfakkan Beach, you can have an experience of a lifetime at a relatively reasonable price. It’s all about getting your money’s worth. The experience is a calming one and no previous experience is needed to do this.

Kayaking in al rafisah dam

A very popular tourist destination in the Emirate of Sharjah, Al Rafisah Dam is known for its charming and eye-catching beauty and it is only a 7-minute drive from khorfakkan. This dam holds the seasonal waterway of Wadi Shee, which has remnants of ancient settlements. This dam is also an archaeological site that attracts history lovers from around the region to visit Sharjah and Fujairah. An artificial waterfall was built at Al Rafisah Dam to enhance the beauty of the destination. There are many more attractions to explore on Khorfakkan tour. To read more Click Here

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