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Why Dubai Desert Safari Should be on Your Bucket List?

Emirates’ culture, heritage, and traditions-where world charm is still intact and beautifully preserved. It shows off glittering skyline, exotic nightlife, and filthy rich experiences. There is no better way to absorb its infinite beauty and stillness than with a desert safari.

What makes a desert safari in Dubai a memorable experience?

The Greatness of the Arabian desert, rich experiences in the midst of sand dunes, and an array of exciting activities day in and day out make a desert safari in Dubai an experience of a lifetime.

Why you should fly out to Dubai and experience a Desert safari tour?

  • choose your own adventure

So many activities are there in the Vast Dubai desert. Definitely the Experience will be an unforgettable one. The Exciting Desert activities include:

  1. Sandboarding, an activity that tests your balance as you slide down a tall slope of sand
  2. Dune Dashing, an adrenaline-pumping activity of balance where cars go up and down a course of steep sand dunes
  3. Hop onboard a Quad bike and streak across the desert like a professional racer
  4. Horseback riding and camel riding are the relaxed activities, with a guide holding off the animal for your safety.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to take home cool Clicks taken by the guides itself

  • Enchanting desert Landscapes

Like a Dream, Dubai’s desert landscapes are perfectly photo ready for its visitors. The glowing sunsets and sand dunes, can compose stunning photographs that rival desktop screensavers.

  • To Enjoy the Rich Arabian Art and Culture

Desert camp for dinner and entertainment is the next treasure. Here you’ll find mesmerizing Arabian culture as it was hundreds of years ago–theatrical, colorful, and Entertaining. The talented young belly dancers take the stage with their snake-like hips. And spinning their skirts to perform a folkloric dance and fire-breathing locals showcasing their mastery of the element.

  • BBQ Dinner Treat

Arabian cuisines are extremely delicious. Spice and meat are two of the most important components of it. desert safari dinner buffet is rich with yummy BBQ. You can windup your desert dinner with a cup of traditional Arabian coffee and sweets, or opt for a shisha to settle your overstuffed belly.   Experiencing the best of desert safari in Dubai is a fascinating experience that stands apart from the glittering lights and skyscrapers in the capital city of Arabs! Book a Dubai Desert Safari package now and treat yourself to exceptional experiences

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